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McNeel - Rhino 8 Upgrade

McNeel - Rhino 8 Upgrade
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Rhino 8 - Transformera din designprocess | Creative Tools

Rhino 8 Upgrade - Transform Your Design Process

Turn your most complex design ideas into reality with precision and creativity. Experience the revolutionary performance and creativity with the latest update of Rhino.

Why Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros, widely known as Rhino, is created to transform complex design ideas into reality. It is the ultimate tool for precision and creativity in 3D modeling, serving the needs of professional designers, architects, jewelers, and engineers. The software's interface is user-friendly with distinct icons and logically structured features and shortcut keys, making Rhino easy to learn.

New Features in Rhino 8

ShrinkWrap: Turn Chaos into Perfection

ShrinkWrap creates a watertight mesh around complex objects, perfect for 3D printing and advanced modeling.

SubD Creases: Create Sharp Edges with Ease

SubD Creases allow for sharp transitions between surfaces, perfect for detailed fillets and precision.

Simplified Modeling: PushPull

The PushPull function and Gumball tool streamline solid modeling, making it faster and more intuitive.

Optimized for Mac

Rhino for Mac is now faster, running on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs with Apple Metal technology, offering a seamless experience for Mac users.

Compare Mac and Windows Features

And More

For a complete list of new commands and features, visit the 'What's New in Rhino 8' documentation.

Software Specifications
Software type CAD software

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