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add:north - Textura (1.75 mm)

Add:north’s Textura™ is a unique matte bio-based PLA filament with plant fibers that provide stunnin..

From 393 SEK Ex Tax: 314 SEK

FlashForge - Build platform cable - Creator PRO-Dreamer

Original build platform cable for FlashForge Creator PRO and FlashForge Dreamer 3D printers...

95 SEK 48 SEK Ex Tax: 38 SEK

FlashForge - LCD Touch Screen

Original LCD touch screen for Flashforge 3D printer models including Finder, Inventor II and more. A..

From 218 SEK Ex Tax: 175 SEK

Flashforge - Adventurer 3 - Build Plate

Original Flashforge build plate for Flashforge Adventurer 3 3D printer...

200 SEK 100 SEK Ex Tax: 80 SEK

ADD3D - Blue build surface

Blue build surfaces for FFF/FDM 3D printers provide excellent bond for 3D prints, and also easy remo..

From 25 SEK Ex Tax: 20 SEK

Flashforge - Rear fan

Replacement fan for FlashForge Dreamer and FlashForge Inventor rear exhaust fans. Sold piecewis..

160 SEK 80 SEK Ex Tax: 64 SEK

FlashForge - Build platform for Finder

Original build platform for FlashForge Finder (or FlashForge Finder Creative Tools Special Edition),..

From 123 SEK Ex Tax: 98 SEK

Flashforge - Magnetic Build Plate for Guider IIS

Magnetic build platform for the 3D printer Guider IIS...

726 SEK 363 SEK Ex Tax: 290 SEK

Add3D - Frosted glass build platform - 248x162mm

A custom manufactured build platform in frosted glass for MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D pri..

175 SEK 88 SEK Ex Tax: 70 SEK

Flashforge - Frame for build platform - Guider ll/llS

Frame for build platform fitting the 3D printer models Flashforge Guider II and Flashforge Guider II..

111 SEK 56 SEK Ex Tax: 45 SEK

FlashForge - Glass for Build Plate - Guider II/IIS

Glass bed for build platforms to the 3D printer models Flashforge Guider II and Flashforge Guider II..

349 SEK 175 SEK Ex Tax: 140 SEK

Flashforge - LCD Flat Cable for Flashforge 3D printers

Spare part LCD flat cable for Flashforge Finder, Flashforge Guider II and Flashforge Guider IIS...

From 29 SEK Ex Tax: 23 SEK

Flashforge - Nozzle (0.4 mm)

Original replacement nozzle for Flashforge 3D printers, aperture diameter: 0.4 mm.Fits Flashforge Fi..

185 SEK 93 SEK Ex Tax: 74 SEK