The smallest Daniel Norée 3D-printed on Hunter

Daniel Norée (@danielnoree), a long-time 3D printing enthusiast well known for his radio-controlled 3D-printable models, has uploaded a 3D-scanned bust of himself to Thingiverse.

We could therefore not resist downloading the STL file and 3D print it in high resolution on the new FlashForge Hunter resin-based 3D printer.

First, we opened the latest version of the FlashPrint slicing software. After changing the mode to the Hunter 3D printer, we drag-and-dropped the STL file onto the build plate. [Video]

The next step was to scale the model down to 20 mm in height. Furthermore, we used the function for support structures to add and edit the pillars under Daniel’s chin.

The model was then sent to the 3D printer, using 25 microns of layer height and an automatically built base plate with bevelled edges, for easier removal.

For the choice of material, we used the standard grey resin, which yields a beautiful and opaque 3D-printed model.

You can see the finished model still hanging on the build plate with uncured resin on its surface.

Finished model after rinsing it with common isopropanol, which dilutes and removes all uncured resin.