Download the new FlashPrint 3.18.0

FlashForge recently updated the FlashPrint slicer software to version 3.18.0. We recommend you installing and using this latest version to improve the performance of your FlashForge 3D printer. Please also update the firmware if prompted to do so. For any technical question, please feel free to submit a ticket in our helpdesk.

To download the latest version of FlashPrint, please visit the manufacturer’s page.

New features in FlashPrint 3.18.0

  1. Optimized SLC format to support manual support as well as scale, as well as allowing slicing without layer height limit.
  2. Translucent displaying function according to the adjustable viewing height, which is convenient to add and delete inner supports.
  3. A mirror feature is now available on the edit menu.
  4. New “Custom Material” option, which supports customising slicing layer height, for the FlashForge Hunter DLP 3D printer.
  5. New setting to “Don’t generate Brim inside holes” under the Additions tab in expert mode, suppresses brim at hole borders.
  6. Support separate set of solid infill combine layers and sparse infill combine layers in expert mode.
  7. Optimized infill method for narrow gaps. This solves issues where sometimes small gaps remained unfilled.
  8. The “Duplicate” function is optimised.
  9. Bug fix regarding that cross connection cannot be generated in “Columnar Support Exterior Only” mode.
  10. General function optimisation and bug fixes.