Using the Finder to 3D-print animal action figures

These images show a perfect example of a home application for 3D printers – making animal action toy figures šŸ™‚ In this case we downloaded the animal STL files of the cow, goat and sheep from the 3D Castle Playset on Thingiverse.

We then imported all three files into the FlashPrint slicing software and choose to use the buildplate and presets for theĀ FlashForge Finder. While the animals were still selected we used the menu itemĀ Edit > DuplicateĀ to create a few more copies.

Several parts of the animals’ shapes have overhangs and need support. We used FlashPrint’s standard settings to genereate linearĀ Auto Supports.Ā Any surface with a deviation of 60Ā° or more will be supported and this quickly creates all the necessary support structures for the underside of the bellies and chins.

3D-printing this buildplate was straight forward using the standard 0,18 mm per layer setting. The finder can easily 3D-print at four times thinner layers, but we chose to use standard values to keep the print time quick and because these parts will be fun toys to play with and don’t need a very high-res surface.

The print was made with white PLA filament and took four and a half hours to complete. After the parts where removed, we used a pair of pliers to break away the support structures. Using white PLA it suitable if you also want to paint the parts and colour them. We recommend using a water soluble acrylic paint.

Now the animals are ready to decoreate the castle playset and to be played with! šŸ™‚