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FlashForge - Creator 4-A HT

FlashForge - Creator 4-A HT
  • Brand: Flashforge
  • Product Code: 3315730
  • Availability: 2 - 3 Days
  • 95,000 SEK
  • Ex Tax: 76,000 SEK

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Flashforge Creator 4 is a high-performance 3D printer for commercial use. Equipped with three extruder options, Creator 4 3D printer can print with flexible filaments, engineering filaments and carbon fiber composite filaments, good choice for commercial production. 

Creator 4 is the flagship of FDM 3D printers from Flashforge, with this they have taken all experience from previous models, combined with the latest technology to build a 3D printer for commercial use, with very high demands on speed, reliability and precision. The utilization of high-precision linear bearings for the operating system, dual individual printheads and a very flexible way to change extruder and hot end, you can be sure that this printer meets all the requirements for the most widely used materials in the industry. The large build volume of 400mm x 350mm x 500mm meets most of the requirements for size that can be printed and a dedicated heater for the print chamber ensures that even large parts do not crack when the plastic is printed. This particular model comes with a High Temperature extruder that can reach up to 320 degrees Celsius, which is more than enough for most materials that are printed today. With Creator 4 A-HT, you can rely on a successful result every time, regardless of design, material and requirements.

This version is with the extruder – HT option that can print up to 320°C.

  • Opportunity to print many different materials
  • Very large print volume
  • 2 individual printheads
  • Built-in filament holder for rolls up to 2 kg
  • Automatic shutdown when print job is complete
  • Possibility to control cooling of the print so it does not warp
  • Possibility to continue printing after interruption or power failure

Dual extruders working independently

The two extruders of Creator 4 work independently, not bundled together so that when you select one extruder working the other extruder goes away from the printing area hence not extra overflowing any filaments on the printed object. Also, the two extruders could work simultaneously and independently to double your outputs! Creator 4 is a good choice for mass production!

3 extruder options support multiple filaments


Printing for 85A flexible filament (sold separately)

Printing Speed:
100 mm/s

Filament Diameter:
2.85 mm

Printing Temperature:

Supported Filaments:


Printing for engineering filaments (included)

Printing Speed:
200 mm/s

Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm

Printing Temperature:

Supported Filaments:


Printing for Carbon Fibre Composite (sold separately)

Printing Speed:
150 mm/s

Filament Diameter:
1.75 mm

Printing Temperature:

Supported Filaments:

Creator 4 features

  • HEPA 13 air filter
  • 7-inch smart touch screen
  • Built-in-camera with remote control
  • Printing resuming after recovering from power failure
  • Built-in-filament (2kg + 1kg)
  • Auto power-off

Temperature in the chamber ensures good printout quality

The advanced thermal-control system of Creator 4 keeps the print chamber at 65℃, which effectively reduces model shrinkage, warping at corners, and furnish breakage. Creator 4 ensures good printout quality, good printing precision and improves print success rate a lot.

Large build volume

Printing size: 400 x 350 x 500 mm.

High-precision printing

  • Linear-rail leadscrew stepping along X and Y axes greatly improves motion stability, hence better printing precision.
  • Brand new S-type motion control system achieves smoother start and stop, precise positioning of the nozzle, and wonderful printing details.
  • CNC structure keeps machine stable and less shake when it's working.

3D Printer Specifications
Print Technology FFF
Assemble Type Assembled
Build Volume 400 x 350 x 500 mm
Number of Extruders Two
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Max. temperature 320 °C
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Material Type PC / PA / PP / PETG / ASA / ABS / PLA / PC-ABS / PAHT
Enclosed build chamber Yes
Heated Build Platform Yes
Removable Build Platform Yes
Built-in Display Yes
Software Specifications
Included Software FlashPrint

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