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ECO - Super premium PLA - 2.85 mm

-20% ECO - Super premium PLA - 2.85 mm
  • Brand: ECO
  • Product Code: eco-super-premium-pla-285-mm
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ECO Super Premium PLA is made of a new type of high-quality PLA-granulates, resulting in a material with great properties. It is much stronger than normal PLA, but most importantly, it is heat resistant up to approx. 150 degrees. That means that you can put the 3D printed models in a dishwasher, sterilize it, or use it in a warm environment such as an engine compartment.

To obtain the additional material propteries, your 3D printed parts needs to undergo an after-treatment. Put the 3D printed parts in a normal household oven for 10 minutes at 100 degrees. The material will go through a chemical process that can be compared to the annealing process of glass.

If you don't want to cure/harden the parts you've 3D printed using ECO Super Premium PLA, the material's properties will be the same as standard quality PLA, but with one advantage. You will not experience as much problems with all-metal extruders as you would with standard PLA.

Technical Data Sheet for Super Premium PLA.

About ECO filaments

All material types in the ECO filament range are produced in a sustainable way, in line with Creative Tools values. The ECO filaments are made of high-quality granules. The manufacturing process is well tested and controlled which makes the ECO filaments persistent in diameter. 

General settings for 3D printing with PLA

Build platform: Approx. 20–40 °C
Cooling fan: Required
Extrusion temperature: Approx. 220–225 °C

We recommend covering the build platform with blue tape/build surface alternatively glue stick for best adhesion.

Filament Diameter 2.85 mm
Filament Weight 1 kg
Material Type PLA

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